Browser Support for Jquery, Infragistics, Telerik, Component One and other component suppliers.

Would it not be great if web browsers( IE, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera) would help to reduce page sizes and bandwidth use?

Many web 2.0 pages are using client side java script and script frameworks offered by component builders, such as Infragistics, Telerik, and Component One to name just a few.

Unfortunately,  many 3rd party components require large downloads (some 500K+) to support only a few lines of code in the developers page.

Jquery is becoming very popular, and has a very lightweight framework, less than 15K when minified or gzipped, but its popularity means that it will be downloaded many times.

I use 3rd party components very sparingly because of the download overhead, but would be much more likely to use them more often if there was not such a huge price to be paid for the infrastructure.

Imagine if the jquery.js script was maintained as part of the browser.

I am sure that John Resig and his team could work out ways of managing version control and give developers a way to specify version requirements and the option to use the browser version or to use a version which is available for download from their own websites.

Taking this further, the browsers could not only manage jquery.js, but many of the third party component provider’s solutions.

Such provision would significantly increase the speed of many websites as well as reduce the total bandwidth usage on the internet.  It would also encourage developers to provide a richer internet experience to their users and make the use of third party components much more acceptable to developers.